Shares from Hotfixed client cannot be opened

Case number:845813-2004491
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Opened by:Susume
Opened on:Thursday, November 23, 2017 - 01:14
Last modified:Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 21:46

Shares from hotfixed clients cannot be opened by teammates, regardless if the person opening has hotfix or not.
Shares from non-hot-fixed clients can be opened by teammates, regardless if the person opening it has hotfix or not.

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The error when opening shares ends with the phrase "bad pose version."

Teammates with updated main clients can share solutions and they are openable. My shares from devprev are not openable.

I switched to main, and then I couldn't open my own save files from devprev. Also my credit best and absolute best and current pose were all missing from my track.

The error in main when trying to open the saves I made in devprev is: Error reading puzzle_2004481_1511392761.ir_solution[BUFFER]; bad pose version.

I switched back to devprev, and now can open my saves again.

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Hey Susume,

Sorry for this bug. We had a bit of miscommunication in our review/release process, and ended up skipping our usual solution format change process that helps us avoid these problems.

We're going to go ahead an push this to main now, since it looks like there haven't been any major problems outside of the solution incompatibility.

Thanks for the report!


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