1434 lost my work after a crash

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This is a problem lots of people were having with 1432, but now it has happened with 1434. After over an hour on 1434, my whole computer crashed (no idea if it was foldit related or not). When I restarted 1434 and switched to my active track, the protein was back in the starting position, and the very best and credit best slots were also that position. I was able to load a manual save, which then became my best score, but my very best is lost (though I have credit for it in the scoreboard).

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Is this specific to 1434, or have you observed this in other puzzles?

Does anyone have a reproducable case?


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I had regularly the same on 1434 on Linux Ubuntu 16 OS.

It's not the first time first puzzle, but it's typical and regular for 1434. For 1434, not only the all computer crash but also simple client crashes show the same behavior.

I observed that, on Ubuntu, the Foldit memory usage tends to accumulate (with all puzzles).

When the memory usage becomes high, clients tend to crash until the memory is ok (so I can start with 5 clients and come back after a night with only 3 clients left). The crashing client seems to be random.

1434 being a "high memory" puzzle, this happens faster when 1343 is running then with other puzzles.


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