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At the moment, Foldit's in-game scoreboards are not updating.

The fold.it website appears to have the most current scores and ranks.

Clicking on the puzzle name in the Foldit window (just below the rank and score at the top center) opens the puzzle page on fold.it and shows the current scores and ranks in your web browser.

The Foldit team has been notified about the problem, which happens at irregular intervals. Usually they restart something on the Foldit server to fix the problem. Restarting the Foldit game client on your PC generally doesn't help.

While this problem is occurring, you should see your best *score* on fold.it, but your *rank* (individual or group) may be lower than what you see in your Foldit game client. This means other players have moved past you since the server stopped sending updates.

The scoreboard problem affects everyone, since it's on the server side.

If you notice the scoreboards aren't updating, please mention it in chat. The #veteran channel is a good spot.

It's also possible for a Foldit game client to stop communicating.

If you see a higher *score* in your client than on the website, then the client has stopped uploading your solutions to the fold.it server.

If you don't see your best score on the fold.it website, try sharing a solution and restarting the Foldit client.

Often clients "stop responding" or "hang" when you try to share a solution or close them in this condition. (Windows may ask whether to close the program or wait for the program to respond. Waiting doesn't help.)

This loss of client communication has been a problem for a while. Some players seem to run into it on a regular basis. It's been most notable after a server outage. Once the server restarts, many Foldit clients reconnect and start talking again. Other clients, even running on the same PC, never realize there's a problem, and hang when you try to force them to talk to the server. (Clients check in with the server when you close them, which can cause a hang.)

In any case, if you're concerned about your score and rank, it's good idea to check what you see in your Foldit clients against the Foldit website before a puzzle closes. A client-side communication problem may prevent your best solution from reaching the Foldit server, causing you to miss out on the "global points" awarded when a puzzle closes.

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Another note

We're hoping this issue will be resolved quite soon (if it has not been already).

Chat isn't monitored by staff 24 hours a day so when issues are brought up only there, they can go unnoticed. On our end, a post in feedback is always greatly appreciated.

It might not seem like it at times, but the admin team looks at the feedback page often. We are going to make a stronger effort to ensure you guys know that your comments there are not only being read, but truly heard.

Also, for BIG issues like scoreboard bugs please feel free to send me a message through the website. This will cause my personal phone to notify me day or night. For anything urgent/extremely important, that is the best course of action.


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