Developer Preview Release Soon

Hey everyone,

We're about to post an update to the developer preview with the following fixes/features:

* Hydrogen Bond Network filter - this filter is now aware of the 'core' of the protein. We can now constrain the HBonds to only those which feature core residues. This is important because the surface networks that we were seeing before weren't really doing anything to increase stability.

* Windows should be brought to the foreground more consistently while clicking on them in the selection interface.

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HBN puzzles

Are you planning to reléase some HBN puzzles?

Are you going to consider only core residues or at least one core for an HBN?

Waiting for those puzzle to play... or some 3D simetrical ones.

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We will be releasing some HBN puzzles soon!

"Are you going to consider only core residues or at least one core for an HBN?"

We have two options coded in -

1. Each bond in a HBN must touch at least 1 core residue.
2. All bonds in a HBN must be between two core residues.

We'll likely do some testing to determine which leads to more useful scientific results.

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thanks for the reply!

thanks for the reply!

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Hotfix 4/27

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed a visualization bug in the Hydrogen Bond Network filter.

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"Fix" to windows is worse for me

In "fixing" the windows coming to fore in selection interface, you made it impossible for me to park my Menu bar behind the row of icons at the bottom of my screen. This deprives me of real estate on an already very crowded laptop screen.

During design puzzles in particular, I am always switching between Rama map, Blueprint, Secondary Structure, and Ideal SS, half of which are in the menu and half in the icon row - I need them both clickable at once.

1. Menu tucked behind icons, both clickable:

2. Menu now has to ride above icons:

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Mac client crashed first crack at moving segments

Thread 11 seg fault error. Happened right after I banded up the fold after Blueprint and was attempting to move a helix into place. Doesn't bode well. Am trying again with symmetric hidden. Need to fix the existing errors for the monomers on mac, please, o/w playing this in devprev may be near to impossible. Help on these errors (thread 10 and 11) on mac would be appreciated. Can't really test correctly in devprev with existing issues. Thanks! Will post feedback as I collect a few of these crashes.

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Reproducible with symmetric chain view off

Seg fault 11 again. Not going to bother going forward with this puzzle, I can't get past initial setup. Same as above with one exception: I could move one of the helices but as soon as I tried to move the second, crashed. See feedback which I will leave after I save this post. I still suspect memory handling errors with the Mac client... since it takes more memory to display the symmetric chain and let me do one more thing and with it displayed, I think this working theory holds some water.

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