Lost credit high score on puzzle 1351 after client hang

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Windows 10

I still have the recurring client hang on nearly every puzzle when trying to view shared folders. I was previously told that the Devs could not duplicate the problem. This time it not only hung, but didn't store my puzzle 1351 "credit best" score at the time. I had just moved from auto to medium wiggle power and did a wiggle all. The score went up to 9220. I tried to open shared folders and the client hung. After restarting the client and changing back to that track, the score was back at 9199 and none of the auto or quick saves recorded the previous high.

It has been bad enough constantly closing and reopening clients in order to re-sync the server scoreboard with the client. On top of that, it appears that the client can't be relied upon to remember the credit best score prior to a hang. At this point, Foldit is barely worth the time or trouble to bother with. In this particular case, I know how to replicate my high score, the next time I might not be so lucky.

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Sent this over to the dev group - I'm glad you were able to replicate your high score, but definitely not something you should have to rely on. Thanks for letting us know.

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Client running puzzle 1352 died. When I opened the puzzle again, it was as if the puzzle had been reset.

I'm attaching a screen shot that was taken after having tried "restore credit best", pressing the letter "a" to restore highest score and then "open/share solutions". Clearly, there are several saved solutions, thankfully along with my highest score, yet the client acts as if I hadn't played at all.

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I completely uninstalled the client (deleted all folders) and reinstalled. Client seems to be behaving much better and the scoreboards are synchronizing well.


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