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1337: Revisiting Puzzle 87: Zinc Binding Protein
Status: Closed


Name: 1337: Revisiting Puzzle 87: Zinc Binding Protein
Status: Closed
Created: 02/02/2017
Points: 100
Expired: 02/10/2017 - 18:00
Difficulty: Intermediate
Description: This is a throwback puzzle to the early days of Foldit. This small peptide is part of a larger protein that helps to regulate cell division, and is very important in early embryonic development. The protein is modeled here as in a reduced environment, so no disulfide bonds are expected to form. We are revisiting old Foldit puzzles so we can see how useful the recent additions to the game have been.

Categories: Overall, Prediction

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Groups: Contenders
Puzzle not showing in client puzzle menu

This puzzle is not showing up for me in the puzzle menu of newly opened clients.

Joined: 09/24/2012
Groups: Go Science
same for me

Only on puzzle page. It's a recurrent problem, see feedback.

frood66's picture
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same (of course)

and it certainly is recurrent.

I wonder how many times the same issue has to appear B4 the fix is done when the puzzle is posted.

Even when the puzzle is posted late.

Joined: 06/06/2013
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weekend special :)

glad we have the same weekend special again. Can we have a new one next weekend please. Only good thing is that I will be top 10 on 1335 this weekend LOL. Also, totally unranked on 1337.

Joined: 09/24/2012
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Would it be different with ligand?

I just wonder if the solution would be differeny if we had the zinc ligand inside of the puzzle

Joined: 06/06/2013
Groups: Gargleblasters
re missing ligand

Bruno -- of course it would be different. Question right now is do you want points or a science answer. Your recipe works fine

Joined: 09/24/2012
Groups: Go Science
Disordered protein in context

This is like a semi-disordered protein.
Reading this paper in Forum (http://fold.it/portal/node/2003337) I'm wondering if we would have more chance to find (with Foldit points) a better possible "structure" if the context (molecule or other protein) were given.
May be a question for Science Chat instead.

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