1332 not scoring.

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The scoreboard is not updating for me, and the board
reports it's still looking for the players list. Is this
affecting anyone else.

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(Changing this to "bug". Also the feedback title should be changed to reflect that this problem affects all puzzles -- something like "scoreboards not updating".)

The in-game scoreboards have not been working well since the start of the new year.

At times, they seem to be up-to-date, but at others times, they're lagging badly.

New puzzles start with blank scoreboards. Puzzle 1332 seems to be going for a record. It was over 24 hours before the 1332 scoreboard appeared in the client for me.

I'm guessing that updates stop at some point, then get restarted, then stop again. Possibly, some program is crashing back at Foldit central, stopping the flow of scoreboard updates. But that's just a guess.

The only way to see how you're doing is to check the puzzle page. Even then, the updates seem slower than normal.

Even if you see a scoreboard in the client, it's not necessarily showing current scores. It may appear that you're gaining rank, when in fact other players are moving ahead.

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Hello L O, Thanks for that,(and the switch to "bug") Yes, it came back a day and a bit for me too.
Bugs are such buggers aren't they!


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