Windows clients crash after Desktop Window Manager event

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My Windows 10 laptop is set to keep running when I close the lid.

Normally, all is well. A few times, however, all Foldit clients have crashed when I open the lid.

A few seconds before the crash events were logged, the Windows application log had an event from Desktop Window Manager (DWM), stating "[t]he Desktop Window Manager has registered the session port". It was event ID 9027, with qualifier 16384.

I had multiple clients open, and all crashed. No debug.txt logs were generated, but all clients had a similar unhandled exception in log.txt:

1: no symbol (no line)
2: no symbol (no line)
3: no symbol (no line)
4: no symbol (no line)
5: DrvPresentBuffers +847222 bytes (no line)
6: DrvPresentBuffers +849420 bytes (no line)
7: DrvSetLayerPaletteEntries +530964 bytes (no line)
8: DrvPresentBuffers +485253 bytes (no line)
9: library_main +3707346 bytes (no line)

I've seen similar Foldit crashes when switching user ids. I think that was before I upgraded this machine to Windows 10, so I'm pretty sure if was Windows 7 professional.

It seems like there's some problem with how the Foldit client interacts with DWM. (DWM controls what appears on the screen in current versions of Windows.) Perhaps the 9027 event gives a hint as to what's happening.

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Another piece to the puzzle.

At the same time as the event about, the system log recorded an event 4101 from "Display": "[d]isplay driver igfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered".

Another clue perhaps.

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I've had something similar a number of times.

When I leave the laptop (with the lid open) the sreen goes black after 5 minutes and returns to the normal display when I move the mouse or tap a key.
Sometimes the screen brightens then goes black before returning to normal but then when I look at my foldit clients (which are normally minimised) they are blank and show as "not responding"
I have to close the clients and reload to be able to play again.

I have also occasionally seen the message that LociOiling mentions

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Haven't had this issue in a while, closing.


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