Crashed making new track- Thread 0 crash

Case number:845829-2003316
Opened by:actiasluna
Opened on:Sunday, January 15, 2017 - 13:15
Last modified:Sunday, January 15, 2017 - 14:07

This happened when I hit enter after naming a new track. Opened this puzzle up yesterday to pick up work on it, so it's not like it's been running for days.

Log.txt and mac crashlog attached. Started getting (or noticing) more Thread 0 crashes with the most recent update.

Scriptlog not attached, no script running nor script log generated at the crash time.

log copy.txt7.1 MB
Untitled.txt57.94 KB
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FYI when I reopened the puzzle, it had actually created the track before it crashed (which the log.txt recorded).

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Also happened on 1328 just now, same thing, when making a new track. I'd just made a new track without incident, second time, Track 0 Crash.
Here are some logs including a debug.txt that I just noticed in the folder.


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