1324 boards not actualizing

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group and solists competition boards do not reflect for me the general situation
puzzle menu does not show my rank and score.Only the puzzle page shows the real thing

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Neither does the 1325 in game scoreboard.

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Expanding the above comment: My solo score shows on the scoreboard but the correct scores are only shown for all groups on the puzzle page.

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...Also there is a lag on updating the live game score on the puzzle page. (think this is normal, the rest is not)

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I have the same bug on all puzzles. On the new 1326 puzzle, the scoreboard are not updating. I see Getting player list... and Getting group list... and nothing else.

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Same here, scores were updating for a while on a new client, but after about 12 hours no more updates.

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It looks like that there are some updates coming through but very sporadic.

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Same for me for all puzzle including 1327 with nothing, like if I was off line, and "0 players on line" when i open the puzzle.

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All feedbacks related to this problem are here:


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PUZZLE 1724.

The change of server has not solved the updating of the scoreboard, at least as far as I can see.
Nothing seems to have changed.


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