Zero points for Puzzle 1311!

Due to a large number of crash reports, Puzzle 1311 has been made worth zero points. The puzzle will remain active until its scheduled expiration, and players are encouraged continue playing the puzzle if they can. We will still analyze any player solutions for scientific merit!

(Fri, 12/02/2016 - 15:58  |  2 comments)
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Thanks - and some related comments

Thank you.

It must be said (and has been said on the chats and in puzzle threads for quite some time now) that the problems behind the issues like those that plague puzzles like 1311 really need to be addressed. It is obvious to more veteran players that if we have long-term continuing issues with the software this poses an "existential threat" to the game itself. Players are both sophisticated and fickle. There are plenty of other free games that can hold their attention; the main thing that keeps *me* here is the idea that what we are doing is helping science and helping discover new ways to improve human life.

That may not yet be the case for new players. All they see is how the game works for them. Anything that is not enjoyable (like frequent crashing of the game) will drive away more potential players than it will keep. Would you play a game that was so frustratingly unstable if you were a newbie?

I left Foldit once (early in the tutorial stage) because the beginner puzzles were too tough. I only came back because the game was mentioned again in a course I was taking and thought, well, I'll see it through this time. And because after I did, I got into a group that gave me support, tutelage, and helped me stay with it. At the time, I did not have as many issues with game play (crashes, et al) as I have now.

I don't think that driving players away is what the folks behind this serious game really want to do. I hope that the plan is to work on the software for all platforms and make it work properly and crash less. That is selfish, I know, but I enjoy this game when it is working properly and would really like it to be around to play for a good long time.

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We appreciate everyone's

We appreciate everyone's feedback and hard work in reporting the issues, and apologize for the trouble and frustration this particular puzzle may have caused you and your teams. The main driver behind our "zero points"policy (as we have done in this regard, and bringing things back on topic a bit) is our community, by stepping in to doing our best to make things "better" (in some regard, we understand how folks feel about constant crashes) when issues like this occur!

We encourage all community members to continue to take full advantage of posting issues in our feedback area, as well as keep submitting crash reports - the more data we have to work with, the better. We know you in particular are diligent in doing this, and as such do appreciate your continued efforts to provide us with much needed data.

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