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In my personal Foldit history, I've seen very few "world n° 1" solo players. Here they are, as I can remember:

Galaxie (who even ever got rank 1 evo and solo 1 at the same time)
Timo Van Der Laan
LociOiling (who even ever got rank 1 evo and solo 1 at the same time)

Historical data starting 8 apr 2014 are available here:

May I ask to the oldest players if they can add players to this list for the time before 2014 ?

Just curious.

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more #1 soloists

mimi (also #1 solo and evo at same time, I believe)

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The Forgotten

And to the forgotten, those you have remained with foldit throughout the years and have not reached rank 1 nor evo 1 but still carry on day after day. Their sometimes overlooked contributions deserve recognition as well.

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Not Forgotten - the real gold

Aunt Deen contributed so much to the game. While she wasn't around long while I was learning the game, she left a legacy of black belt videos and so much positive energy about the game. Her curiosity, openness to many approaches, and collecting the best from everyone is what I love most about Foldit
JMBrownlee & Susume have both helped me start to understand the real science, Frood has endlessly tried to help a dyslexic folder work on chirality after mastering some basics and is one of the best hand folders. So many of you have been generous on Vet chat. Brow & Gary Forbis and Rav3n and Bruno have written recipes to help me do things I would never have time or the ability to do on my own. My team works on my skills ;) I appreciate all of you. The mistakes are my own.
All of you are truly golden in my opinion. I think we are strongest together

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More #1 players

Bletchey Park reached Global Soloist Rank #1 position for the first time on june 24, 2012 at 14:00 CET.

#1 evolvers:



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