Developer Preview Release Soon

Hey everyone!

We'll be pushing out another update to the developer preview soon with an exciting new feature - the Blueprint Tool!

This tool allows you drag-and-drop different building blocks (such as secondary structure and ABEGO loops) onto your sequence, making it very easy to create new designs out of known ideal fragments.

Here is a demonstration of some of the features:

A devprev puzzle will be released soon with this feature enabled, so keep an eye out!

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Waiting to try it...

eating my fingernails....

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First comments

Yesterday I tried the blueprint tool, some preliminary comments.

First of all It is an amazing tool for making faster and easier secondary structures and basic building blocks (For example: ABEGO ones.)

Secondary Structure:

Could it be possible to have in the toolbox the green for loops button, next to the red for helix and blue for sheets ones?

Building Blocks:

It would be amazing if one can save custom building blocks by selecting some segments, specially once we have some piece that pass the ABEGO or other filters.

I will try it more during the weekend... thanks anyway for the improvement!!!

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Where is the documentation ?

I seem to miss where the tutorial is on how to use this tool to make the designs we have made so far ? Explanations on what means what and how to achieve certain design goals that we now do by hand ?

There is quite some finetuning to do I think.

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I'll see what we can do on the documentation front. In the meantime, everyone is welcome to collaborate and add tips in the forum section to help each other!

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My tip is to rethink the design. The Blueprint tool is overly complex and not favorable for the typical foldit player. Like the Rama Map a few players will figure it out (and dominate) but many will not.

The main fault I see is the Blueprint tool doesn't take into account the design ideas of the player. Select an ideal loop and suddenly the helix is on the other side, intersecting other structures, or sticking straight out. This is fine if ideal loops choices can be quickly changed.

Here is my design idea:

1. Select the starting segment for the loop
2. Select the loop type, if desired (sheet-sheet, sheet-helix,...)
3. Select an ideal loop showing results (similar to Remix)
4. Repeat selecting ideal loops until done
5. Keep current ideal loop or return to state before use

Players usually try to fix one bad loop at a time. Selecting a different ideal loop and carefully dragging it to the same location isn't necessary. Pick the starting point and click ideal loop choices. This allows the user to try any or all ideal loops quickly or reset (Blueprint reset button) to the design before using the tool.

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Idealize SS in Blueprint

I made a nice sheet by dragging a turn from the sheet-sheet blueprint to the extended chain...I think I had 6 residues between templates. But each time I hit idealize SS to straighten the sheets, the sheet blew apart and I had to reapply all of the loop templates again. This is even if I don't do any wiggling.

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Ideal SS only before blueprint, not after

Every ideal loop has one residue at each end that is part of the structure (sheet, helix) that the loop attaches to. A two-residue loop between sheets has a building block four residues long: sheet-loop-loop-sheet. The two sheet residues will no longer be ideal-SS shape after applying the building block - instead they will be a compromise shape that makes the building block work. If you ideal-SS them after applying the building block, it messes up the building block, and swings part of your protein out of line. Also, the constraints that come with the building block will be forever trying to put those residues back the way the building block had them.

If you want to use Ideal SS on the sheets or helices, do it before using the blueprint tool. I like to start the puzzle by setting the whole thing to sheet and using ideal SS; that way everything has been made sheet-shape and I can work from there without having to ideal SS again. If I want to make a helix and add an ideal loop between it and a sheet, I ideal-SS both the sheet and the helix before adding the building block loop.

If you must ideal-SS the rest of the sheet or helix after applying a building block, use selection interface and select the structure *excluding* the residue closest to the loop - then ideal-SS the selected portion.

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keeps blowing up for me too

us ordinary citizen scientists don't seem to be able to make this work. even worse without an undo button, as we can't try different loops on proteins that used to look fine
between remix and this, I seem to have no tools that work :(

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