1297 crash on closing cut

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Opened on:Friday, October 21, 2016 - 11:02
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1297 update... crashes, several today. Installed fresh client and tried devprev, in which the crashes still happen (going back to main).

Strange behavior, filter toggled on not staying on when I did anything (wiggle, remix, etc.) and much weirdness in most puzzles.

Log text attached. Also still says game_dynamic in mac finder title bar.

Also, slowness or client stopping work when minimized. This is apparently consistent with another player also on mac's experience with the new client.

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Just crashed on wiggle. mac crash log and log.txt attached

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And again, running a LUA recipe that as far as I can recall has never crashed a client.
(I hope dearly that all these crashlogs and log.txt files are helping... I'll keep sending them unless otherwise told).

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Now running Mac OS Sierra. Was stable for a couple hours then ran DRWremix and another crash.
log.txt attached.


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