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Hello all,

As promised, we share the story line of the winning solution (with all hand and recipes used) here:

Foldit Players, 2016, Story Line of The Foldit Protein Structure Discovery, external supplementary material to Horowitz et al, 2016, Determining crystal structures through crowdsourcing and coursework. Nat. Commun. 7. Foldit Commons


A Foldit team won a crystallographic model-building competition between trained crystallographers, undergraduate students, Foldit players and automatic model-building algorithms (Horowitz et al, 2016). The group of players worked collaboratively, with one player serving as the trailblazer who contributed the majority of the moves towards the creation of the model, and other players providing detailed structural tweaks and refinements (Horowitz et al, 2016). Concretely, this collaboration occurred in a specific environment where players combined a collaborative learning of a new complex process and a collaborative competition against other groups. Handfold took the majority of the moves during first days. Progressively, scripts took over on hand fold.


The Go Science team

PS: all recipes will be made public on PM request to the latest author of the recipe (you can find him/her by clicking on the recipe link in the paper).


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