Developer Preview Release Soon

Hey everyone,

We're about to release an update to the Developer Preview soon. This update contains some back-end changes to the software, and you shouldn't notice much of a difference in how things run. If you notice something new that we forgot, let us know!

(Wed, 08/31/2016 - 00:41  |  4 comments)
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crashes with puzzle 1278

Puzzle 1278 crashed twice for me on devprev. There's nothing in log.txt, and no debug.txt was generated. Stay tuned.

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Hotfix 9/1

We've fixed several issues including those causing problems with chat.

Let us know if there are any problems left.

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1278 crashing

1278 has been crashing on me within minutes of being reset for the last 36 hours, just after the update. doesn't seem to matter if I'm running recipes, hand folding, or just watching it do nothing. posted log.txt in the comment section of 1278. unable to complete any single step without having it crash, puzzle is dead in the water to me. irc seems to have suddenly returned though.

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Crashing yet again, after 9-03 update

Was crashing on Thread 11, now is crashing thread 10, with new update apparently also pushed to main. Had been running fine after update until just now. BTW, my build (running main options.txt, I checked) says devprev at the end. (mentioned this on vet chat but reiterating here).

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