1272 crash running recipe, and crash loading same solution track

Case number:845829-2002705
Opened by:actiasluna
Opened on:Sunday, August 21, 2016 - 15:53
Last modified:Sunday, August 21, 2016 - 19:07

Was running a script overnight and awoke to this crash.
The puzzle was banded up on all sheets (which has been one source of crashes when changing tracks)
Sure enough, I recovered from the crash but forgot about the banding issue (and crashed again) then had to turn off all options in view to reload the track.

Probably not (but possibly) related, but on trying to load the foldit feedback page after recovering the puzzle, my imac for the first time ever had a hard crash (that went to the "had a problem and is restarting" gray mac window of doom. Was not able to save the crashlog text file from the banded track load crash

Link to the crash log text here for the overnight recipe crash

(as I have still not found a text editor that creates a .txt file I can load directly)

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Wow, you gotta love an OS that puts out an "EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY".

On the crash issue, see my comment on puzzle 1272. I was having difficulty opening group solutions on a client that had previously played puzzle 1272. Removing the puzzle files for 1272 fixed this for me. Based on the error message, it may have something to do with the number of residues, and the fact that the puzzle starts with only 79 residues as Bruno noted in the puzzle comments.

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Interesting. I *wondered* why I was able to insert what I thought was an extra segment without penalty!


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