Developer Preview Release Soon

Hey everyone,

We're about to release an update to the Developer Preview soon! As part of this update, we've disabled audio to help with the recent Windows crashing problems. We will re-enable it once we diagnose the issues with the audio system. This will include the following:

* Added a view option for hiding symmetric chains.
* Disabled audio.

(Wed, 07/20/2016 - 19:01  |  8 comments)
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refresh puzzle functionality

Does this update also fix the 'refresh puzzle list' functionality ? Currently the refresh does not refresh the list, requiring to stop and load new clients after each new released puzzle.

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jflat's pretty great at keeping the update list comprehensive, so if there's more to it I'm sure he'll edit it in before it goes out, but for now I'd take the list (and any update list) posted "as is".

Let's focus this thread on the content of this update and we'll see about getting an update on that item in its feedback thread where you can keep track of it easier. On the plus side, crashing's a pretty big issue for some of our players right now so I hope they give devprev a try when it goes out and report back in.

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seconded - it would be rather

seconded - it would be rather nice if functionality in a number of areas was addressed

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when is the update happening

I am still getting crashes on windows 10 laptop

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Hi there!

We'll endeavor to make our updates more clear on timeframe going forward. Thanks! (As for the devprev release, it's already happened. No update on main yet.)

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Hotfix 7/25

Fixed some unintended backend code.

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With bertro's help disabled audio driver and was able to run foldit on my laptop without crashing every few minutes. Today I re-enabled audio drivers and switched to devprev. Six minutes later foldit crashed.

1: alListeneriv +2897 bytes (no line)
2: BaseThreadInitThunk +36 bytes (no line)
3: RtlUnicodeStringToInteger +595 bytes (no line)
4: RtlUnicodeStringToInteger +542 bytes (no line)

See bug feedback for more info on my previous post regarding this issue.

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still crashing on devprev windows 10 laptop

Same for me, the update did not fix this problem

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