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[DEVPREV] Reposted Puzzle 1242 Clone: Ideal Loops Filter
Status: Closed


Name: [DEVPREV] Reposted Puzzle 1242 Clone: Ideal Loops Filter
Status: Closed
Created: 06/09/2016
Points: 0
Expired: 06/13/2016 - 23:00
Difficulty: Intermediate
Description: Note: This is a reposted version of a previous devprev puzzle. This reposted version will correctly load solutions from Puzzle 1242

This puzzle debuts the new Ideal Loops Filter. The Ideal Loops Filter is meant to encourage the use of the Ideal Loops that are displayed in the Rama Map. It works similarly to the Fragment Filter (but much faster), and will yield a penalty when it detects a loop that does not conform to the ABEGO patterns in the Rama Map. The filter is meant to scan only loops, and will ignore any detected helices and sheets; use the Auto Structures tool to see which regions are considered "loops." We expect Foldit designs will behave much better in the lab if all loops match the ABEGO patterns. Such solutions will be fast-tracked for detailed analysis!

Players may load in solutions from Puzzle 1242. Please try loading in your solutions from Puzzle 1242, and let us know what you think!

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Slow and finicky

First impressions: 1. It is slow - while wiggling, the score only updates once a second or less, barely tolerable for hand work.

2. It only gives credit for a sheet-sheet loop if the sheet bond closest to the loop is formed. Wiggle really doesn't like the red-red sheet-sheet turn - I keep fixing that bond, and wiggle keeps breaking it. The other sheet-sheet ideal loops work fine.

3. The filter will encourage players to have a smaller number of longer structures just so there are fewer loops that can go wrong.

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Echoing the slow.

Definitely slow, only a little faster with filters off (but works.) Took some getting used to and I moved between remix and rebuild to get the ideal loops. If working speed can be increased, this looks like a good filter.

One comment about remix - if there was a way to turn off the selection highlighting during remix preview, it would be easier to see the ABEGO colors on the actual protein. Since they are visible in the Rama map but in another backbone view it takes some getting used to in order to read what you're seeing.

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