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Could you describe more about how rosetta handles hbonds, how they are scored, and how the Hnet is scored? Specifically, I was looking at # of bond and directionality of bonds.

Here is a picture of 10 hbonds to the same sidechain:

In the blog post, it says acceptors count as fully satisfied if they have at least 1 hbond.

So, specific questions, but please also elaborate if I didn't hit the right question:

1) Are acceptors purely electrostatic (no lone pair directionality)

2) Is there a big score jump if an hbond matches a donor directionality condition? An acceptor? Two bonus for both, or no bonus unless both?

3) is the preferred direction for donors along and opposite the X-H bond, X = N,O?

4) Is this partial covalent bond the difference between a red network hbond and a blue network hbond? What is the difference?

5) how did I get 10 hbonds anyway?

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