Puzzle 1134: complex core bonus

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Opened by:gitwut
Opened on:Thursday, September 3, 2015 - 22:23
Last modified:Monday, September 7, 2015 - 03:24

I've shared puzzle "gw7506.319 complex core bonus? why?" to scientists. The designed protein and it's clone are not close enough to warrant a complex core bonus, but yet it shows the condition as being met. If it's not a mistake, is the extra filter really necessary?

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Same problem with me, I wrote something to it as a comment on the puzzle page.

In general, what do you think about establishing a Core-exists-per-residue-filter? That means, the more residues are in the core, the more bonus you get. Wouldn't that be more reasonable (and less prone to errors) than the current filter setup?

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A per-residue bonus is enticing, and I agree it would be a little easier to interpret. I think, though, that this would be contrary to our aims.

We'd like for the puzzle filters to be applicable to a wide range of folds, and we have enough difficulty encouraging diversity already. I expect this idea—a graded reward for core residues—would drive players even more toward a single fold that maximizes core residues. And then we would miss out on a ton of perfectly good folds that happen to have fewer core residues.

You could make a strong point that adding core residues tends to increase protein stability. However, we're not interested in the most stable protein design; we're interested in all the protein designs that are stable enough to fold up.

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Thanks for sharing, gitwut! These kinds of designs are really useful in helping us calibrate puzzle rules. The filter requirements on this puzzle are probably a little out of whack.

We're still trying to figure out the best way to encourage tight hydrophobic packing around H-bond networks. In previous puzzles, where the Core Exists: Complex filter was more stringent (see Puzzle 1074), it seems players had a really difficult time designing any H-bonds at the interface without violating the filter. We hope this setup at least gives you the freedom to optimize your H-bond networks.

I would also encourage you to experiment with different folds. Although your fold may satisfy the complex filter without making an interface, it may not make an optimal H-bond network. Someone else could find a fold that makes a much better H-bond network, but just barely passes the core filters.


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