View screen obscured by Rank screen

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I can't seem to access the top of the view screen because of the overlapping rank screen

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Many view options have keyboard shortcuts. Also, if you stretch/shrink the overall Foldit window horizontally or vertically, you can see some of the obscured view options.

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Hide GUI or the Selection Interface may also help.

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I reset the Topic to "Game Display", and the Type to "Bug".
Perhaps being able to move the View Options dialog to the sides of the Rank/Score dialog would allow me to check/uncheck options that are now covered and not available.

Since the Output dialog box is moveable perhaps that code can be applied to this issue?

I purchased a new MSI GL72 6QF notebook built for performance and and nice 17 inch screen. I have tried many settings for the display. Down to 720x480 (if I remember the numbers correctly) and none solve the problem.


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I did a quick search on "MSI GL72 6QF", and it seems like it should have a max resolution of 1920 x 1080. It's the second number, the vertical resolution, that would be the issue. But 1080 should be fine, my laptop has the same 1920 x 1080, and no issues with the Foldit view menu. The 720 x 480 you mention would be way too small, in general you want to use the largest resolution available.

The first thing to check is the display settings in Windows. Right-click on a blank spot on your desktop, and select "Display settings". On the "Customize your display" window, scroll down and click "Advanced display settings". On the "Advanced Display Settings" window, you should have a "Resolution" drop-down, with 1920 x 1080 as one of the options.

If 1920 x 1080 is not there, you might have a driver issue. I upgraded this laptop from Windows 7, and 1920 x 1080 was missing at first, but eventually magically reappeared after a few software updates. You might want to check the NVIDIA web site for new GeForce GTX 960M drivers to move things along.

If you do get the 1920 x 1080, it may make the desktop fonts too small. You can adjust "Change the size of text, apps, and other items" on the first "Display settings" screen to compensate.

Adjusting the height and position of the Windows task bar may also help. For example, you can move the task bar to one side by left-clicking on a blank spot and dragging to the side. (You may need to right-click on the taskbar and deselect "Lock the taskbar" to enable this.) Moving the taskbar to one side would give you more vertical height when you maximize the Foldit window (or drag it to a larger size).

(In my "Taskbar and start menu properties", I have "auto-hide the taskbar", "use small taskbar buttons", and "taskbar buttons: always combine, hide labels" selected.)

Some other tricks include using an external display (looks like your MSI can handle two external displays), which is great if you have a spare monitor or even a recent TV set handy.

On my system, you also rotate the orientation of the screen via ctrl+alt+arrow key. For example, ctrl+alt+left arrow or ctrl+alt+right arrow set the screen to "portrait" mode (with the top on the right on the left, and ctrl+alt+down arrow sets it to inverted "landscape" mode. Unless your laptop has a detachable screen, using these modes may be a little challenging.

It would be nice if Foldit would make things like the view menu and recipe dialogs automatically scrollable if they don't fit in the current window. It would also be nice to be able to reposition these windows outside of the main Foldit window. I'm not holding my breath on these suggestions....

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If problems persist, posting some screenshots here may help.

For Windows, here's one way to make a screenshot:

1. Use ctrl+PrtSc to copy the entire screen, or alt+PrtSc to copy a single window.

2. Open Paint by Windows key+r, enter mspaint. (Or open a command prompt and type mspaint.)

3. In the Paint window, click Paste or ctrl+v.

4. Save the image as type "png" and attach to a posting.

The current version of Paint shows the size of the image at the bottom, so 1920 x 1080px for a ctrl+PrtSc from my laptop.

On Windows 10, I can't find a shortcut for Paint, which is why typing "mspaint" is needed.

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If you look in the options.txt file, some of the menus have lines like below:

"behavior_options/h" : "188"
"behavior_options/visible" : "0"
"behavior_options/w" : "270"
"behavior_options/x" : "421"
"behavior_options/y" : "334"

"cookbook/h" : "231"
"cookbook/visible" : "0"
"cookbook/w" : "231"
"cookbook/x" : "421"
"cookbook/y" : "334"

"gui/desired_window_height" : "900"
"gui/desired_window_width" : "1150"

"menu/h" : "109"
"menu/visible" : "0"
"menu/w" : "881"
"menu/x" : "421"
"menu/y" : "334"

"social/h" : "109"
"social/visible" : "0"
"social/w" : "151"
"social/x" : "421"
"social/y" : "334"

"tracks/h" : "275"
"tracks/visible" : "0"
"tracks/w" : "250"
"tracks/x" : "296"
"tracks/y" : "196"

"undo/h" : "229"
"undo/visible" : "0"
"undo/w" : "808"
"undo/x" : "421"
"undo/y" : "334"

"view_options/h" : "708"
"view_options/visible" : "0"
"view_options/w" : "555"
"view_options/x" : "421"
"view_options/y" : "334"

I am guessing that for each menu,
x and y set the position while h and w set the height and width.
Maybe changing some of these settings will help.


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