Wrong SS prediction provided for p1120

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Opened by:Madde
Opened on:Monday, August 3, 2015 - 21:28
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I wondered why the SS prediction of Jpred differed so heavily from the one provided by Psipred, especially when considering that Jpred was quite certain about the helices. I thought maybe FoldCentral made an error and submitted the wrong sequence or provided the puzzle with data from another job. So I just submitted the sequence to Psipred myself and the result looked pretty much like the prediction of Jpred (see: http://fold.it/portal/node/2000995#comment-30847 )

You can see the Psipred results at http://bioinf.cs.ucl.ac.uk/psipred/result/caf171d2-3a1f-11e5-84d8-00163e110593

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Nice catch, Madde! Looking into this, it seems we were using a different PSIPRED configuration than that on the UCL webpage. Your predictions are probably more accurate than the ones we provided on the starting model.

I'll correct this for future puzzles.


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