Wrong scores at site for 1104

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At the 1104 finishing moment I had 9570 points and ingame scoreboard showed 66th soloist rank. However site statisctics at http://fold.it/portal/node/2000844/show_players?page=4 says I'm 106th with 9254 points. I saw moment when puzzle bacame "expired" realtime, and saw my scores at that moment clearly.
I have no screenshot, but may be there are any logs exist.
Of course, I don't care about 66th place at all, I just hope to help find a bug if it exists.

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Was your client connected to the Foldit site when the puzzle ended? One way to tell is to try to share solutions or download shared solutions using the client in question. Disconnected clients will hang. Also, if you use multiple clients, disconnected ones will show different ranks for you and different scores for other players when compared to connected clients. It is possible on the same machine to have some clients connected and others disconnected. Disconnected clients will also list scores and ranks for you and other players that disagree with what is on the Foldit site.

Another sign of a disconnected client is a recent upload_tmp_*.ir_solution file in the directory containing the client's log.txt all.macro and scriptlog.default.xml files. Usually the upload_tmp_*.ir_solution files get deleted, but I think disconnected clients fail to delete them.

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Thank you very much for reply.
I had few clients running at that moment, that's true. If it's known bug to have actually desconnected clients, which still show your progress at scoreboard, I mark the feedback as closed.


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