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we can cut our proteins. i would like to be able to splice them...

imagine any design puzzle where loops connect helices/sheets to one another. you spent all kinds of time building your protein and now, in tweaking it, you wonder if it might be better if a particular loop connected elsewhere nearby. for example:

a protein consists of 2 sheets and 1 helix; a loop connects the sheets on one end; a loop connects one of the sheets to the helix on the other end, thus the SS order is sheet, loop, sheet, loop, helix. atm, you have to rebuild nearly the whole protein just to reposition a loop so that the new SS order is sheet, loop, helix, loop, sheet.

- this would result in the renumbering of some of the segments in the protein, but so what...the game/player just needs to make sure the protein has one beginning and one end.

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This is a feature that I really want to add, but unfortunately it is very difficult to implement (I have tried before). I hope that we'll get it eventually, but it wont happen any time soon.

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The Recipe shiftit0 (http://fold.it/portal/recipe/101321)
is a step towards making a splice function in Foldit.
Please try it and e-mail me what you think of it.



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