Program failure to recognize valid mouse input

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Hello all, I am new to Foldit but I assure you that this is a program bug. I am encountering an issue which has been prevalent through out the introduction series so far, and it is making level 4-2 impossible to work.

When I go to click on some of the objects the program is failing to recognize the mouse click. Sometimes it will acknowledge the click, but it will select an inappropriate object sometimes below my target, or on the complete other side of the screen / protein. It seems that the program is misinterpreting my click location. This makes it hard to play as in 4-2 the object is completely non-interactive. I am also experiencing this with rubber bands, where it will not connect objects, but instead randomly jump to another section of the protein. I have no mouse pointer modifications, or specialty mouse.

Homebrew machine.
32Gb Ram
Navidia Quatro k2000 vid card with HDMI and DP connections.
- Nvidia driver
**Problem is apparent in duel monitor and single monitor modes.
Mouse driver: HID-complaint mouse, with a Wacom Tech.
- Mouse is a stranded off the shelf Logitech.

Please let me know how I can negate this issue.

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Sorry, I forgot the OS. I am running Win7 Pro.

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Guessing from what you said in chat, you may be running a very high screen resolution, especially if you usually run dual monitors. You might try reducing to a width of 1280 or less and see if that helps. Just trying to think why a call would be returning wrong x,y coordinates - maybe the coordinates being returned are outside the range that the software assumes they can be, or the window size is greater than the software assumes is possible, and it throws the math off.

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I logged in today to see if changing the resolution would effect the problem. It did not. I typically keep my resolution on my one display at 1920x1080, and primarily run it in single monitor mode, with the editing screen powered off. I set the resolution to 1280x720 and it seemed to be having the exact problem. I have attached a screen shot to this post. The mouse location is indicated by the red triangle. Please note that pop up text balloon is rendering as appropriate for the xy location within the program.

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Here is another screenshot, the red triangle indicates the location of the mouse on the original click. I performed a click and drag to show the distance of the error. I have the pointer set to the default windows pointer, but that will not show up on the screenshot.


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