Can't open puzzle 1043 anymore

Case number:699969-2000301
Opened by:sheerbliss
Opened on:Sunday, February 1, 2015 - 06:51
Last modified:Wednesday, February 4, 2015 - 02:13

Puzzle 1043 crashed while I was running a recipe (random idealize 1.8) and I cannot get the puzzle to open again. I can open other puzzles.

I'm using a MacBook Pro with OSX v 10.9.5.

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Hi sheerbliss,

I suppose that when you open this puzzle, the default solution is like corrupted of something like that. You could try to delete this default file in the directory of the puzzle in the foldit directory.
See here how to find your Foldit directories and subdirectories (also for a Mac):

Then you go in puzzles, adn you have to identify the number of puzzle 1043 (it's a kind of very long code). There, you find subdirectories with solutions, and you'll recognise your different tracks (includin "default"). There, you will find all your saves. Just delete the latest automatic saves.

If it does not work:
Did you try to shut down your mac then start again?

1043 is heavy in memory. It's possible that a refresh of the memory (or log or anything like that) is needed. I noticed that shutting everything down after heavy work many days refreshes something in the system.

If this does not work, try installing foldit de novo from the site (don't delete your older version, I think it could be necessary to recover your recipe and solution archives).

Good luck !!


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Thanks for the response, Bruno. It's late here now, but I'll try it tomorrow if the puzzle is still open. I'll bookmark this feedback in case this happens again.

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See also what I did when it happened to me

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Thank you both! I restored my best solution by combining your responses.

I found the files on my Mac by going to

Foldit recipe output: applications->Foldit app

open package contents and it's in a folder called Resources

(I have instructions for finding files on a Mac saved as a message in the Go Science area.)


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