Puzzle 1035 quicksave saves incorrect score

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Opened on:Monday, January 12, 2015 - 06:37
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I have a number of quicksaves on 1035 that score about 5000 points lower than what the highscore indicates.
Upon reloading them they do not match the original highscore. Uploaded for scientists "wrong_quicksave_1035_BP".

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I also uploaded the solo from which that quicksave originates. "BP17890.553 solo". Possibly related to density ?

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I have the same experience with puzzle 1035. I saved several tracks and scores around 25055 pts. When I reopened these the scores were around 17920. I tried restore recent best with no change. I shared the opened puzzle which was 17910 on my machine with the group. Some in group were able to open the file with score of 25055.

I am in main. I'm not using developer preview.

I am using Mac OS X Yosemite.

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Is it linked to another ED alignement? If you change the "align to ED" with another threshold in ED panel, the score changes.

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If the threshold matters i would like tò see that mentioned in some post.


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