When are the filters calculated and taken into account in optimization processes?

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In order to disable filters on the right moment in scripts, I would like to know when the filters are calculated?

For example: are they calculated during the wiggle optimization process like wiggle-calculate-restore best-wiggle

or after some big steps? like round 1 of wiggling, evaluate, take best, round 2 etc.

Same for shake and any manual operations (pull: move a bit, calculate, move a bit further, calculate ...).

I suppose that the filters are not calculated during banding or freezing operations (it would be absurd).

I see that cokers have different meaning about this in their scripts:

-porkythepundit latest recipes actually disable filters in most operations except when scoring, e.g. in
http://fold.it/portal/recipe/100499 (filters are enabled only in "current." commands, practically current.GetScore). And it works well, even if I experimented that a filtered wiggle gives more points per round than an unfiltered wiggle.

-Timo vdl does not like disabling filters, unless in a rare recipe, only during wiggle:

I would like to refine the "disabling filter" strategy in recipes.

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I think this is further discussed/asked here:



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