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The Date: 02 December 2014 (Tuesday)
The location: #veteran, IRC (Get help with chat here.)
The Time: 1400-1500 (or so, but the official chat ends after an hour) Pacific
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The Topics: Determined by you! Add your questions to this thread! Please keep in mind we do read all your feedback posts, so no need to duplicate your posts that exist there.

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Note: As we know, developer chats can get pretty busy and popular, and we want to ensure that as many questions get through as possible, especially since it's our last chat of the year. If things get too brisk, we have a moderated option available to us and will enable it for the duration of the chat only so that we can see and address questions. On a moderated channel, only channel operators can talk publicly, others can only listen and will get “cannot send to channel” errors if they try to talk. The exception is if you are given a voice (+v). (You will be still able to private message any active channel operator with your question.) We will be reminding people of this feature at the top of the chat and also doing a short test beforehand to make sure it works as intended.

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rotating segments

I am curious abut the difficulty level of rotating segments next to each other. I have a few 'gorilla pods' and have some concept of the 'problem'.
It has always seemed very odd that with all the bells and whistles in foldit there is no simple way to just grab a few segs and rotate them against the next seg - without making a cut which is generally not what you are after.
Yet that is exactly what rebuild scripts do.

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foldit on a server somewhere

As the compute load on our local machines gets bigger and bigger and they get slower and slower (Puzzle 1018) it would seem to be worth seeing if it is possible to put the game 'in the cloud' and for folders to use thin clients or similar which they download. Just curious to see if that is even a possibility, funding is another matter of course.

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Topics dev wishlist

Some great ideas here, it would be good to get feedback on each of them even if it is as simple as:

Technically possible but unlikely to happen
Not a good science result
In your dreams

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Translation Support

Please can we have an up-to-date .pot file.

As of today, the .pot file is still the one that was created on 2013-04-29 14:51-0700 (POT-Creation-Date) and there have been many changes since then. None of the >10 translations are fully functional at present. A periodically updated .pot file would allow translators to keep their work up-to-date and help them fix some of the still unresolved problems they have reported:
- 'Untranslatable messages' posted on 18 August 2011 and last updated 18 April 2014
- 'msgid not replaced by msgstr' posted on 20 May 2013
- 'Translation don't work' posted 13 May 2014

The suggestion to form language specific teams and hold group chats in these languages is a great idea but while there are no fully working translations available there are unlikely to be communities of players wanting to hold chats in these other languages.

Hundreds of hours of volunteers time have gone into the the translations that are currently distributed but all of them are only partially functional, at least in part because the .pot file is out-of-date. A partially-functioning translation is extremely confusing so please either post a sticky forum topic which tells translators and players that they will be unable to create/use a fully functional translation because the .pot file is not being updated or routinely provide updates of the .pot file for translators to use.


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Please do NOT implement multithreading on CPU cores, this interferes with the allocation of CPU resources to foldit clients on multi-core machines.

Instead please implement OpenCL for the Mutate, Wiggle, Shake and Rebuild functions. Also the slow filters could be done in OpenCL to speed up the processing by using GPUs. Keep in mind that using the GPU for graphics has nothing to do with OpenCL, that is OpenGL, thanks. OpenCL will benefit both AMD as well as NVidia GPU owners.

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