Game 988b not loading

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Opened on:Saturday, September 27, 2014 - 14:23
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Game 988b not loading: Error message as on attached file

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I am another who cannot open 988b.

Some folders can, as the Puzzle menu shows 15 players active in it currently.

Others who have reported this issue:

grogar7, Bruno Kestemont in the "all about the recent downtime" post

ViJay7019, GaryForbis in the comments for puzzle 988b.

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Topic: Game: Other » Server

We will make sure to extend the puzzle deadline for 988b once we post a fix to the bug most of you are having with it... ensuring that everyone has a chance to play it (and hopefully you will all be able to load in your previous 988 solutions).

If for some reason we are unable to solve the issue with 988b, we will close it for 0 points, but hopefully we will not have to resort to this!

That you again for your patience with all of this, you have been so understanding and we greatly appreciate it!.

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same thig here:
when trying to start 988B, I get:
"Parsing non comment line without yet knowing keys".

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Tip: I succeeded to open it (but not loading former 888) when skipping opening devprev.
I don't know with the main because I updated it already.

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oops skipping updating

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For some reason I had no problem with the hot fix update or loading 988/988b after rebooting my computer once I noticed the website was back online. I.E. I started ALL clients by immediately updating following the intentional reboot upon noticing the website back online.
What I am seeing tho, is a very strong delay in the loading of a new client SINCE the re-initialization of the website. In the neighborhood of 5-10 minutes now to load a client. Did not have that problem when loading clients immediately after the website came back up.

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Tip: 888b can be played in devprev !

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what is devprev and how do I get it?

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devprev = Developers' preview

I am using the main client. Is this an unplayable-in-main puzzle?

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Can't load it either - same message as salish99


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