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First All Hands Puzzle Going Live!

Today we will be releasing our first live all hands puzzle!  This should give all players an opportunity to take a look at the new all hands mode, and fold proteins with the entire community.  This puzzle will be slightly unique in that it is not a puzzle that has previously been played through in the normal fashion, but rather is a separate puzzle.  The puzzle will have only one starting  public solution for everyone to work on.  The way all hands works is that the set of public solutions is refined every 2 hours (on even hours GMT).  At these times, you will have the 5 best diversified solutions available at that time, so you can always be working at the cutting edge of the puzzle, where every point or tenth of a point means a lot.

Soon, we will be releasing some of the grand challenge puzzles you all have been working on into all hands mode.  We hope you enjoy this new opportunity to fold as a community and work to improve the top solutions to their absolute maximum.

(Fri, 02/13/2009 - 22:08  |  0 comments)

Scheduled downtime

Foldit will be down on Monday, February 16 between 19 and 22 hours GMT for routine maintenance. During this time you will not be able to report scores and even the chat may stop working, but you will be able to play offline. Should the maintenance take less time than expected, we will of course bring the site up again sooner.

(Fri, 02/13/2009 - 19:57  |  0 comments)

New update released!

We've posted a new update to the game.  Here are some new features to look for:

Puzzle Phases: Puzzles can now be in different phases that effect sharing and ranking.

 - Normal phase: In this phase, the behavior will be the same as it has been; sharing is individual and group based, soloist and evolver scores are affected.

 - All Hands phase: In this phase, some solutions will be made public for everyone to work on!  Now we can see how well we can do when everyone can work together!  There is a new score, all hands score, that will be affected in this phase.

 - Gallery phase: In this phase, some solutions will be made public for everyone too see.  Now you can look at some of the top solutions for previous puzzles!  No scores are affected in this phase.
Note that you can't manually upload public solutions.

Set new best: Now there is a "recent best" solution stored, which you are able to set to your current solution when you want.  Your "very best" will also be kept, as before.

Hotkeys: The hotkey listing in Help is now generated from the hotkeys in the game and so should be more accurate.

Register Shift: Tweak has new arrows for shifting parts of the protein.  Check out the new level Flippin' Sheets for an example of where to use it.

Puzzle Listing: The puzzle listing is compacted for unplayable or offline puzzles, and colored by phase.

Sharing:  You can now upload solutions to share with only yourself.  If you download the same shared solution multiple times, it will not be repeatedly added to your local solutions.

Stability: The crash when clearing bands should be addressed.

(Mon, 02/09/2009 - 22:32  |  2 comments)

Scheduled Downtime

Foldit will be down for scheduled maintenance this Wednesday, February 11, from 9pm GMT. We expect to bring services back up latest by 11pm GMT on Wednesday. During the downtime, scores and uploads will not be registered on the server, so you can only play offline, or if Foldit was already running, you can keep chatting too.

(Mon, 02/09/2009 - 20:25  |  0 comments)

Kuhlman Class puzzles re-opened

If you didn't have a chance to work on them, you now can until this Friday.

(Mon, 02/09/2009 - 19:07  |  2 comments)
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