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( Global Rank: #1 | Score: 3,867 | Members: 159 )


We are a very large and very active folding team, with many highly ranked players. We have team members who can work with you if your interest lies in scripting, and members who are experts in every stage of the game.

We're here to help you become the best Foldit player that you can be! By working with each other, we hope to be an important part of helping science to help all.

This team is temporarily open by invitation only - but you can join easily. Talk to some of our members in global before you make a decision to join, to see if you think that we would be a good fit for you.

If you think that you'd like to join, please write a message to Susume. Our main restriction is that we will not allow any clones by any members of our group, other than irc only accounts. We also ask that you have completed at least a week of folding - this gives you a chance to decide whether you enjoy the game, and a chance to chat with people from all teams and soloists in global.

Please finish the tutorials before you think of joining any team… We know that they can be frustrating (or boring to some), but you need to familiarize yourself with the basic tools before you can become a really good folder. Ask any team members, or anyone in global for help - everyone at Foldit wants you to be successful.


Anthropic Dreams was formed in Spring of 2010. Pletsch and Renton, two top folders, decided to create a team open to all Foldit players whether they were in teams or not, to make the best possible folding team for CASP 9. They hoped that by pooling all of Foldit talent, Foldit would have the best chance of winning CASP.

When CASP 9 was over, the active team members decided to stay together. We've grown since then, and have managed to become one of the top folding teams.


Because we are a very large group, from time to time we delete inactive members to keep the group manageable. If you have come back to folding after a hiatus, please join us again!


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( Global Rank: #2 | Score: 3,758 | Members: 42 )

We are an international group looking for new members. We could use a few more players that are strong at solo along with those that enjoy evolving other solutions.

If you like the idea of sharing back and forth with your group members you are welcome to join. ;)

Just contact the group manager for an invite to join.

For the best group chat experience you should consider an external irc client.

Go to

You'll find information on how to chat via external chat client.

IceChat 7.7 is one you might find easy to work with.

Good luck folding. ;)

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( Global Rank: #3 | Score: 2,649 | Members: 251 )

plasticine proteinGo Science!

Compete for the top spot in FoldIt!
Please join us! We Can Do It!

Go Science!: C'mon

Group created by Dj-P

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( Global Rank: #4 | Score: 2,229 | Members: 53 )

We are a team of like-minded individuals, interested in discovering new methods and philosophies about folding, and doing things a little differently. There is no hierarchy; we have no dedicated soloists or evolvers or even a team 'captain'. We possess a range of experience and ability, and recognize that each of us can 'bring something to the table'. Encouraging discussion and questions, all are free to express themselves. We play our soloist games our own way; but if someone finds sudden success, it's posted for the benefit of the group, detailing what was done to get there.

If you have been playing for a while and now want to choose to work with others to find out how to maximize your potential, or if you have clawed your way up the soloist ranks and would like to share your experience and techniques, then Contenders could be the place for you. We have a number of established and experienced players who are ready, willing, and able to help you grow as a folder.

If you're interested, simply message any of us in global chat (or private chat, if you are using an IRC client). The group is set up as closed, which means you'll need to send acting team manager mimi a private message through your page on the Foldit website before you start folding with us.

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( Global Rank: #5 | Score: 1,919 | Members: 62 )

To have fun folding and, hopefully, do a bit for science along the way by using our '10Ps' maxim!

Open to all who wish to enjoy participating in a group and in the group competition - Newbies welcome. A sense of humour is always appreciated here. :)

We are now a moderated group as far as joining is concerned - but this makes no difference - we are open to new members.

Simply message frood66 or actiasluna for information :)

Oculi plus vident quam oculus!


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( Global Rank: #6 | Score: 1,345 | Members: 55 )

The "Void Crushers" team was formed to have fun, enjoy the company of teammates, and with luck, help advance science faster than we can as individuals - all at the same time. To make sharing solutions as smooth as possible, we follow some simple guidelines and etiquette, but encourage everyone to suggest improvements as evolves and as we learn more as a team.

The few things that are asked from each teammate are a basic level of conversation in group chat, uploading of group solutions before logging off, and notification of vacations. This is to secure a respectful environment in which every member knows what is going on with the rest of the teammates. If you think that Void Crushers sounds like the team for you, please don't hesitate to apply! It would be a benefit if you have spoken with one of our members on global chat first, but it's not a requirement.

So if you are interested in joining please message Mike Cassidy, Madde, or spmm!

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( Global Rank: #7 | Score: 978 | Members: 41 )

Notre point commun : la langue française.
Notre objectif : développer une équipe francophone autour des projets de calcul sur la plateforme BOINC et du jeu Foldit pour favoriser l'utilisation des capacités de réflexion humaines.

Notre site internet BOINC - Notre forum sur BOINC - Le fil Foldit sur le forum BOINC

Pour connaître la répartition géographique des membres de l'Alliance Francophone et rajouter votre localisation, vous pouvez consulter notre mappemonde.

L'Alliance Francophone vous souhaite la bienvenue sur FOLDIT!

Wiki Foldit en français

Chaque membre s'engage à respecter la charte d'utilisation Foldit:

Admin de secours: jobo0502 et Nicobul

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( Global Rank: #8 | Score: 331 | Members: 10 )

AHAP - Coming back to do it again !!!

Currently accepting a few team players. You don't have to be good but please be active and interested.

This is a no drama group that is 100% focused on producing the best puzzles possible through sharing with each other, and sharing with the Foldit community what we create. At times group chat can be crude, so if you are easily offended, best look elsewhere.

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( Global Rank: #9 | Score: 329 | Members: 26 )

Quando mi sono iscritto su foldit ho cercato subito un gruppo di italiani a cui unirmi. Con tristezza ho constatato che c'erano solo gruppi morti con 20 persone inattive. Sarebbe fantastico riunire tutti gli italiani di foldit e creare un gruppo collaborativo dove condividere le soluzioni, i consigli, divertirci e fare del nostro meglio per migliorare il mondo in cui viviamo. Che aspetti? UNISCITI ANCHE TU!!!! N.B.: The group is open to all. Italia per folditItalia per foldit

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( Global Rank: #10 | Score: 242 | Members: 5 )

Do our best... If you want to be part of the team, you are most welcome. If not, than thanks for visiting. Happy folding...

Aktív magyar játékosoknak különösen örülnénk...

Update (5/22/16) I have been playing foldit every day for more than 5 years alone. Nobody joined to the group for a year. After finishing the last puzzle, it is time to use my time to do something more useful... The group is temporarily suspended. If anybody want to join and play here - feel free. (O Seki To)

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( Global Rank: #11 | Score: 184 | Members: 253 )

For Science! Post tips at Share all solutions, so we continue to dominate the scoreboard

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( Global Rank: #13 | Score: 89 | Members: 2 )

A place for those who have already figured out how to score well to get the tips and tricks needed to go to the next level.

The rules for joining and for sharing solutions are not set in stone, but generally I see them as:

To join, you need to have your sea legs from playing at least 2 months. Thereafter you should also score in the top 25 at least one puzzle in every 4.

Sharing solutions during an active puzzle should not disrupt the ranking of the top 20 soloists. They work hard and should not be pushed out on the last day as it frequently seems to happen. Instead we should share solutions ranking lower than the top 20.

After a puzzle is over we should upload our best solutions so we can study what worked. If we agree on some puzzles we may upload globally for others. I'd go with the flow on that one.

Happy folding.

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( Global Rank: #14 | Score: 83 | Members: 303 )

This Foldit group is for students enrolled in the edX MOOC D001x Medicinal Chemistry. Students in the group are encouraged to sample the intro puzzles to gain experience with the Foldit interface and learn more about protein structure. Students who continue to be interested in Foldit will then participate in additional Foldit puzzles and compete against other Foldit groups.

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( Global Rank: #16 | Score: 75 | Members: 71 )

To learn the principles of protein structure and molecular modelling, and to provide a forum to assess the level of comprehension.

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( Global Rank: #18 | Score: 45 | Members: 26 )

We are FoldIt@Netherlands and our goals are simple:

1. Fold! 2. Show the world The Netherlands rocks! ;)

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