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Welcome Students!

It’s almost time for class to be in session once more, and we want to welcome all our new students (academic and from the school of life) to Foldit! We have put together some handy tips to make your playtime in Foldit enjoyable.

Pick a good name but remember it is visible to everyone! Remember it should fit within the community guidelines, but more importantly, should reflect you - but not to the point where you’re using your email address as a login ID. That is just a bad idea for internet safety in general, so please don’t do this. Keep your name PG and something you’d be proud to see on top the leaderboards. If it’s too late and you think you've chosen badly with your username already - I can help you fix that. No judgement from me, we all veer off into “thought it was funny at the time” land on occasion.

Be patient! Foldit has an amazingly steep learning curve. A lot of our players are helpful, but being a global community, they may not always be watching the chat channel to answer questions. Have you checked our wiki? Did you try resetting, rereading the tutorial and trying again? Were you aware of the vast range of videos available you could watch? These are all great first steps but if they don’t get you what you need to know, then ask!

Check out the FAQ, it's pretty useful.

If you are having technical issues with a puzzle, please post them in the puzzle thread that goes with the puzzle you're having trouble with! This is the best way for our scientists and developers to find your issue. If you want to join in on some great learning threads, head to the forums!

We’re so glad you could join us and hope to see you around the community soon.

( Posted by  inkycatz 108 658  |  Fri, 09/04/2015 - 17:44  |  0 comments )

That Was Unexpected

That's really the best way to put it - unexpected downtime due to network issues knocked us out this morning, but in good news, we appear to be back now. Sorry about the inconvenience!

(Wed, 09/02/2015 - 18:22  |  1 comment)

Puzzle Extensions

Be sure to check out the puzzle page for any new updates on ending times for puzzles in progress - there are a couple adjustments!

Thanks, science team!

(Tue, 09/01/2015 - 18:47  |  0 comments)

Welcome Back!

On Saturday afternoon, we were knocked offline by a heavy windstorm passing through the area (and surrounding areas). Although power was restored to many areas in Seattle by Sunday and many parts of the network were restored in a slow and certain fashion, it took Foldit a bit longer to rejoin the world of the living. Fortunately, it looks like we just went off the grid for a weekend long nap, and have not lost data.

With regards to the puzzles, we’ll make sure that players get credit for any offline work, and we of course will be investigating and discussing this weekend's "weather event" to minimize future downtime.

Since Puzzle 1130b was scheduled to close tomorrow morning, we’ll extend that deadline by 24 hours to make sure players have a chance to log in.

Thank you everyone for your patience, writing in, following the social media channels and just being all around cool about things. Please post any problems you encounter in this thread or concerns you may have... and let's get back to those puzzles!

(Mon, 08/31/2015 - 23:03  |  3 comments)

Survey Season has arrived!

Survey season has arrived for Foldit. You may recall last year we held two surveys, the first being our puzzle survey, and the second being a long overdue demographics survey. This year, they're back (so let's hope nothing crashes and we can have a larger dataset this year).

Foldit Puzzle Survey Fall 2015 - this survey will only be open until 8 September 2015.
Foldit Demographic Survey Fall 2015 - this survey will be open from 8 September - 8 October 2015. Be counted this year!

By performing these surveys during these specific windows, we can properly compare them to last year's results. Last year's puzzle survey was helpful to our team and gave us insight on puzzles, and hopefully also to you as well (especially with regards to concurrent puzzle volume). Your feedback from that survey has also allowed us to adjust questions to be clearer and narrow down ambiguity for this year's set of questions. There are some new questions we would like your thoughts on this year, so please be sure to fill it out, even if you filled out last year's. Remember - we only use our powers for good here, and all surveys are totally optional.

(Thu, 08/27/2015 - 15:41  |  2 comments)
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